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C. Norris Marsh Buggy Rental

C. Norris Manufacturing now offers a rental option for customers that only need an amphibious excavator for a short amount of time. This option has been proven to be a great addition to our growing rental fleet and leaves national construction contractors and shore builders more than satisfied. Call us now for rental rates and availability!

Long reach option available to go with our rental marsh buggy.

Our units go where traditional excavators can’t!

To view our working range chart, click on the following link:
CAT320DL Rental Marsh Buggy Working Range Chart

Common applications where our marsh buggies have proven to be extremely productive:

  • DredgingYour Content Goes here
  • Road building through wet lands or swampy areas
  • Flood protection
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Deepening of waterway and river delta
  • Maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes, shoreline, ponds, etc.

Features of the Marsh Buggy Bottom:

  • Patented multi-synchronous hydraulic motor direct drive system
  • Two bulkheads per pontoon, hermetically sealed
  • Service manholes on each pontoon for easy maintenance and field servicing
  • Heavy duty track chain system, laser trimmed to extreme precision
  • Hardened rollers and bushings for extended operation life
  • Bolt-on sprocket system for perfect track pitch alignment
  • Optional hydraulic extendable pontoons
  • Optional supplementary pontoons and spuds system
  • Modular design for easy transportation