C. Norris Barge Material Handling

Built Tough – Built to Last – Built to Perform

Achieve a faster unloading time and increase your productivity 200 to 400 percent with a C. Norris Barge Unloader. We extend booms and sticks to any length required, elevate cabs (fixed or hydraulic), and affix the right attachment to your machine so your operators spend less time craning their necks and more time operating their crane. Our booms are designed smarter and stronger than any of our competitors… Guaranteed. Our booms do not wear, crack or break over time like other manufacturers; we have customers who’ve put over 100,000 hours on a few of our barge material handler fronts and they’re still running daily. Our booms NEVER come back for re-work and will continuously leave you satisfied.

Advantages vs. Cable Cranes:

• Faster cycle times which lower your costs on demurrage, labor, parts, etc.
• Less moving parts; no cables or clutches mean less breakage, less repairs, and more time spent working onsite. Hydraulic material handlers are much easier to operate which means it’s easier to find operators and mechanics.
• Better parts availability
• EPA friendly, clean fuel burning
• Positive attachment placement
• 360-degree attachment
• Remove and set hopper covers easier

C. Norris Turn-Key Barge Unloader Packages:

• C. Norris 2 or 3-piece boom or stick (new or converted)
• Hydraulic or fixed cab elevations – any size machine
• Boom designed for any unloading depth
• Attachments for any application available
• Re-use your OEM hydraulic cylinders
• A hydraulic machine for any duty cycle application is available (new or used)

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