Amphibious Excavator Bottoms

Our marsh buggy equipment is constructed to maneuver in marshy areas and soft terrain as well as having the ability to float on water as an added safety feature. Our marsh buggy packages are completely self-propelled and can access almost all of the harshest terrain all the while requiring minimum transportation support and hoisting equipment. When equipped with one of our long reach excavator fronts, we offer an exceptional package with unrivaled productivity for your investment.

Marsh Buggy Bottom Model List

MB80: designed for a 7-9 ton excavator
MB140: designed for a 12-14 ton excavator
MB200: designed for a 20-22 ton excavator
MB250: designed for a 24-27 ton excavator
MB300: designed for a 28-30 ton excavator
MB350: designed for a 33-36 ton excavator
MB400: designed for a 40-45 ton excavator

Ease of transportation:

The marsh buggy bottoms are designed for easy installation with minimum field equipment and manpower. A trained 4-man team can fully assemble a complete 20-ton class machine in under 4 hours, only assisted by a crane.

Common applications where our marsh buggies have proven to be extremely productive:

  • Dredging
  • Road building through wet lands or swampy areas
  • Flood protection
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Deepening of waterway and river delta
  • Maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes, shoreline, ponds, etc.

Features of the Marsh Buggy Bottom:

  • Patented multi-synchronous hydraulic motor direct drive system
  • Two bulkheads per pontoon, hermetically sealed
  • Service manholes on each pontoon for easy maintenance and field servicing
  • Heavy duty track chain system, laser trimmed to extreme precision
  • Hardened rollers and bushings for extended operation life
  • Bolt-on sprocket system for perfect track pitch alignment
  • Optional hydraulic extendable pontoons
  • Optional supplementary pontoons and spuds system
  • Modular design for easy transportation