Attachment Repair and Refurbishment

We realize not every product or attachment out there in the world is engineered and manufactured with the same precision and toughness as our C. Norris products. We now offer a boom/stick repair service for our new customers up against a tight budget or for businesses in need of a quality solution in an expedited amount of time. The list below is just a beginning to what we can do…

Attachments We Repair and Refurbish

Concrete, steel or tree shears – any brand or size
Swing bearings
Booms and sticks – any brand or size
Jaw sets
Excavator buckets – large or small
Pumps and cylinders


Komatsu PC400 boom and stick conversion to fit onto a Hitachi 400/450

Hitachi EX270 with a cracked boom base (not our long reach boom)